6 tricks to save if you’re autonomous

Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk to you about a group of people that I have a little forgotten in this blog, specifically the self-employed.

If you are self-employed (you know, freelance, self-employed, etc.) do not miss this article because I want to share with you a series of tips to save on your day to day .

If you are not autonomous, they will not hurt you either because as the work landscape is and what the future looks like , it is not uncommon for a while you are also working on your own as a freelancer.

How to save if you are autonomous

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It is not easy to start working on your own, especially if you have been working for others all your life. The beginning is hard.

To make it more bearable here are some tricks and tips to save.

Mobile phone and ADSL

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The internet and mobile bill are a good pinch at the end of the month for the self-employed person. Luckily, there are more and more offers focused on the needs of this group, so I recommend that before deciding on a company, do an internet research and compare different offers .



Some freelancers cannot or want to work from home and prefer to do it in an office or other place where they also have a greater possibility of socialization. And it is that working at home sometimes becomes very lonely.

Luckily, they are increasingly proliferating, shared work spaces, the so-called coworking .

At least in Madrid, every day there are more and many have an excellent price, being able to have in addition to your workplace, the possibility of being able to participate in the courses they take, go to conferences and other added services that can be very interesting.


If you work at home, be sure that your electricity bill will increase so it is best to implement a few tips and tricks to lower it.

Precisely, a few days ago I published an article where the Wiquot guys shared 20 tips to reduce your electricity bill .

Check it out now, if you haven’t already done so and put them into practice right away.

Accounting and advice

One of the biggest inconveniences of being autonomous, at least for me, is that you have to take control of income, expenses, invoices, happy VAT and others to pay your taxes properly and then do not come to do to give you a surprise.

Here the truth is that I advise you to seek help for these issues and forget about doing it yourself. Mainly because it requires time, time that you can use to make your business profitable.

Therefore it is best that you seek cheap advice, which you can trust and leave these issues to them.

Make a budget

Make a budget

If for a family or a person making a budget is an aid to control their finances for a self-employed person it is essential.

Keeping track of the money you enter and the expenses you have will allow you to get a better idea of ​​your financial situation.

Of course, try to separate the part of the expenses that you have as a freelancer, from your personal expenses or within the family. Do not put the payment of the advice bill within the family expenses along with the mortgage, for example.

It is best that you separate it to really know if your business works or not and you need to make some adjustments and improvements.

Don’t always be registered as a freelancer

One last tip is that you don’t need to be continuously registered as a freelancer. We all have times where there is less work and others of a frantic activity.

Take advantage of the moments of little work to unsubscribe and thus save the autonomous fee for a while.

This depends a little on the type of work you do and you should be discharged at least 6 months a year.

Apart from these 6 tips there are many more that can be useful. Check out GesTron, a page I usually visit to keep up to date with news and interesting tips.

Can you think of other tips? Share them with everyone in the comments.


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