Credit from abroad, Swiss credit without Credit bureau

Credit from abroad is usually referred to as Swiss credit in Germany. The internet today allows us to get information from around the world. It also makes communication easier for us.

This has the advantage that we can order goods from all over the world without traveling. Through the Internet, we also have the opportunity to apply for a loan, the distance does not matter anymore.

On the lending of foreign loans, several credit intermediaries have specialized in Germany. Their job is to get their customers the cheapest loan offer.

How do I get a loan from abroad?

To apply for a loan from abroad, you do not even have to leave home today. A loan offer, you can conveniently apply online.

On our website, we have set up an online form especially for you, so you can apply in less than five minutes for your personal loan offer for a loan from abroad.

Many customers are looking for a good alternative to the loan offer from their bank, so you can compare and save at the same time.

Attention! – Without credit bureau no credit?

Attention! - Without credit bureau no credit?

In principle, German banks do not grant loans without credit bureau. All financial institutions are required by law to examine the economic circumstances of each individual borrower. This is also in the interest of the banks that the default risk for loans is kept as low as possible.

A credit check gives the lender an overview of our economic conditions. Part of the required information is provided to banks by credit reporting agencies such as the credit bureau or Bürgel, thus the credit bureau information is an important part of a credit check. A loan without credit bureau we get so only from abroad.

Credit from abroad, a cheap alternative?

Credit from abroad, a cheap alternative?

As a customer, you are probably wondering why and if a loan from abroad would be cheaper for me. The conditions that a credit intermediary can offer you are always dependent on creditworthiness. Each customer is considered individually, the only way the credit intermediary can present you the cheapest offer.

However, since the cost of a loan from abroad is comparable to lending in Germany, a loan from abroad is not more expensive. A logical conclusion would be where many banks, as well as cheap loans. We are not wrong, Switzerland is a country with the largest and most important banks. These are the most important prerequisites for a cheap loan.

Interest rate example – 07.09.2018
3000, – usd loan amount with 100% payment

Duration (months) Monthly Rate effective interest rate *
12 258.84 usd 6.66% *
24 132.39 usd 5.72% *
36 90.27 usd 5.39% *
48 69.23 usd 5.23% *
72 48.24 usd 5.06% *
120 31.55 usd 4.92% *

What is a Swiss loan?

What is a Swiss loan?

When we think of a Swiss loan, we believe in the first place that this loan is offered exclusively in Switzerland. At least, the mentioned name suggests. This is wrong, of course, and has little to do with reality.

With the Swiss credit, there is more so that this financing without the credit bureau information is therefore offered without credit bureau and not that we have to apply for this in Switzerland.

The term “Swiss Credit” used is no longer current and is no longer communicated or used by most intermediaries in this form.

The Swiss loan has been renamed and now calls itself credit without credit bureau. Here is immediately pointed out that we receive a loan without credit bureau and this does not necessarily come from Switzerland.

Why is a loan granted without credit bureau and is that serious?

It is basically not dubious if a bank waives the credit bureau information, especially if it is not obliged to do so. A reasonable credit check can also be carried out without credit reporting agencies.

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