A low-cost gym brand that meets what people really need

Image Credit: Gymnation

Let’s go back to 2017. A typical gym membership in UAE costs over Dh400 per month and you need to take a 12 month contract.

To make matters worse, the only option is to prepay for the entire year in one lump sum. This is an initial payment of over 4,800 Dh!

In fact, joining a gym in the United Arab Emirates was so expensive that in a report released at the time by Deutsche Bank, Dubai was ranked as the 2nd most expensive city in the world to purchase a gym membership. .


Image Credit: Gymnation

It had to stop. Residents of the UAE have been overcharged for substandard sports facilities for too long. So we decided to put “fitness first… not profit first” and developed a low cost gym brand that met people’s real needs. GymNation was born, and it was time to make health and fitness affordable and accessible to everyone in the UAE.

Being a GymNation member doesn’t just mean saving money. It also means that you have access to world-class, state-of-the-art sports facilities that provide the UAE with the opportunity to achieve their health and fitness goals, whatever they may be. .

Even though we offer gym memberships one-third of what other gyms in the UAE do, we don’t compromise on quality. We just took away the frills so that we can offer everyone in the UAE an affordable and flexible gym membership.

We do things differently. From our “viral” marketing videos and endless supply of disguised characters visiting the gym, to our stunning membership parties and even being named “Best Gym in the United Arab Emirates” by 51% of the over 70,000 votes on The Spectacle of Kris fade. Everything about GymNation is unique. We’ve made GymNation a welcoming place for everyone, from first-time gym users to the most dedicated athletes. In fact, over 30 percent of all GymNation members had never been to a gym or participated in a fitness class before joining GymNation, so what are you waiting for?

We look forward to seeing you at “Best Gym in UAE!” “

GymNation locations are the largest gym facilities in the UAE. Ranging from 25,000 square feet to over 50,000 square feet, and each offers the following:

* 24/7/365 access. We never close!

* Over 500 state-of-the-art Matrix cardio and weight training equipment.

* Over 200 free, live, instructor-led fitness classes per month (including Les Mills, Yoga, Zumba, Spinning, JumpNation, BollyNation and more).

* Thousands of on-demand virtual classes you can participate in any time of the day.

* Facilities and courses reserved for women.

* Over 20 fully qualified, world-class personal trainers.

* Instagrammable user-friendly locker rooms, including GHD hair straighteners.

* Our boutique fitness studio focused on BLITZ HIIT training.

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