“A safe and secure environment to be provided to tourists”

Islamabad: So far, around 100 hotels and guesthouses have been registered with the hotel management software recently introduced by the local government to provide a safe and secure environment for local and foreign tourists in the federal capital .

According to the details, visitors and tourists can now get up-to-date data on hotels and guesthouses all over the world and enjoy a safe environment during their stay in the green city.

The administration will soon provide a list of registered hotels and guesthouses on a website so that visitors can select the accommodation of their choice according to their needs.

Hotel management software provides details mainly about master data, guest reservations, room bills, payments, reservations, front desk management, restaurant management, human resource management, management attendance, the store and housekeeping.

It will also help the local administration to monitor hotels and guesthouses and ensure a protected environment for visitors. Centralized updated information is always a problem, especially for those visiting Islamabad from other regions. Efforts are underway to allow visitors and tourists to obtain the latest information and easily schedule their visits.

It is pertinent to mention here that the local administration has already ordered the owners of all guesthouses and hotels to keep full records of guests and those who come to meet them and to submit these details daily to the relevant police station. . Guests are required to provide their names, mobile numbers, permanent addresses, CNICs and reasons for visiting Islamabad.

According to Islamabad police, they have asked all hotels and guesthouses to register with this software and cooperate with the local administration to make this green city friendly for visitors.

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