Cheers! Beer sales in Karnataka up 114% in April-May – The New Indian Express

Express press service

BENGALURU: Beer sales in Karnataka have made a strong comeback after the pandemic has negatively impacted the food and beverage (F&B) industry. According to State Excise, beer sales from April to May in the current fiscal year (2022-’23) recorded a growth of 114.53% compared to the corresponding months of the previous fiscal year (FA) 2021 -’22, while Indian Made Liquor (IML) showed a growth of 12.21% in April-May this fiscal year compared to the two months of the previous fiscal year.

Over the past two months, the Excise Department has collected revenue of Rs 4,678.66 crore, recording an achievement of 16.13% against the all time revenue target of Rs 29,000 crore for 2022 -23, compared to Rs 3,676.77 crore in April and May last year, which was 14.96. percent achievement against the revenue target of Rs 24,580 crore for the previous fiscal year.

Besides Bengaluru, North Karnataka in particular has seen beer sales soar. According to knowledgeable sources, the sale of beer in Yadgir and Kalaburagi in North Karnataka and Mandya in South Karnataka is much higher than that of Indian Made Liquor (IML).

In Bangalore alone, at least five new pubs and bars have opened in the past month to beat the pandemic blues. “Almost all outlets are operating at full capacity. Over the past two months, liquor sales at all watering holes are much better than in the pre-Covid era,” said the owners of some leading restaurant bars and microbreweries across the city.

However, the labor shortage continues to plague the F&B industry. “Those of us who were unable to pay our staff due to lockdown and loss of business are now reeling from staff shortages. Most of them who are from the northeast have not returned to work. Hospitality management trainees, who are required to undergo industrial training as part of their curriculum, are also being posted to various outlets to deal with staff shortages,” sources said.

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