DA warns of harmful residues from cheap imported products

NO TO CONTRABAND GOODS. Agriculture Secretary William Dar warns importers who smuggle agricultural products to the Philippines in a virtual interview on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. Dar said his department has formed a group of working with the Department of Trade and Industry, the Customs Bureau and the Tax Bureau to identify and file complaints against these smugglers. (Sscreenshot)

MANILA – The Department of Agriculture (DA) has urged consumers to be meticulous when purchasing vegetables in the market, as undocumented shipments of agricultural products are reportedly sold in the Philippines.

“These products contain harmful chemicals to preserve them and make them shiny,” Agriculture Secretary William Dar said in a media interview on Tuesday.

Dar said investigations have been initiated to identify and take appropriate action against the perpetrators of cheap and imported carrots from China that have been sold in Divisoria, Manila, in recent days.

He said that an inter-agency working group consisting of DA, Department of Trade and Industry, Customs Office (BOC) and Tax Office has been formed to accomplish this task.

It was also clarified that the Philippines had not issued permits to other countries, including China, to ship fresh vegetables.

“The permits issued were only for frozen, mixed and processed vegetables which are typically imported by restaurants and hotels,” Dar said.

Traces of contraband

In July, the DA and BOC said they were ready to file a complaint against importers Thousand Sunny Enterprise and Dua Te Mira Non-Specialized Wholesale for falsely reporting 12 containers of red onions worth 42 million. of PHP as frozen chapati (Indian flatbread).

The cases of violation of the law of the Republic 10845 or of the agricultural anti-smuggling law of 2016 will be filed by the BOC against the importers.

The seized objects are in the custody of the BOC, which will take care of their disposal. (ANP)

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