Domestic flight prices up 40% since the start of the year

(The hill) – Prices for domestic flights have increased by 40% since the start of 2022 and are expected to increase by another 10% next month.

Flight booking website Hopper said the price of a domestic round-trip averaged $330, a 7% jump from 2019 costs. International round-trips currently cost an average of $810 , an increase of 25% since the beginning of the year.

The combination of strong demand and rising fuel costs is largely behind the rise in flight prices.

“A huge demand [is] of travelers who were unable to travel in the past two spring and summer seasons,” said Haley Berg, economist at Hopper. ABC News. “And the second factor is jet fuel. Kerosene prices have also risen 40% since the start of the year and 75% since the same time last year. Higher jet fuel demand and prices are driving up domestic air fares. »

Delta Air Lines, United and Southwest Airlines all announced last month that they would raise prices to cover rising fuel costs, with Delta saying it was considering a 10% increase in airfares.

“We haven’t seen higher demand … in my career,” Delta general manager Ed Bastian said.

The news comes later President Joe Biden placed a ban on Russian imports of oil, natural gas and coal last month as part of his administration’s response to Russian President by Vladimir Putin invasion of Ukraine.

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