Drunk Sub-Inspector Makes Hotel Heckle

Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh): A drunken sub-inspector created a ruckus in a hotel room in Jabalpur on Sunday evening. The officer had unnecessarily disturbed others staying at the hotel.

According to police sources, Sub-Inspector Ranjeet Singh Bhadauriya who is stationed at PHQ, Bhopal, visited Jabalpur on Sunday morning and stayed at the Vision Palace hotel, room number 137.

After finishing this job here, he arrived at the hotel drunk in the evening and started behaving badly with the hotel staff. When the employees tried to control him, he started threatening them. He started knocking on the doors of the hotel room and the people staying at the hotel were shocked.

People complained to the hotel management. Management informed the Omati police station of the incident. The police arrived at the hotel and locked him in his room.

Police said they informed family members of the incident and also informed Bhopal police about the wrongdoing of Deputy Inspector Bhadauriya.

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Posted on: Monday January 03, 2022 2:17 PM IST

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