Ex-manager reveals security horrors inside Scarborough hotel where ‘guests have panic attacks’

A former manager has revealed shocking details behind the scenes at a North Yorkshire hotel.

The former manager of the Britannia-owned Grand Hotel in Scarborough said there were concerns about fire safety, Yorkshire Live reports.

He said the fire extinguishers were tampered with, folded beds were in front of fire doors and the metal stairways at emergency exits were rotting.

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The man said he had worked at the hotel for eight weeks and received two promotions to become a duty manager at that time “because they were understaffed”.

He described treating customers as “a joke” and says most complaints from dissatisfied customers are “dismissed” and very rarely resolved.

He said: “At that time I received a lot of abuse from guests and we are told to act jaded and pretend we don’t know or the rooms are in a bad state. advanced dilapidation. “

The former manager of the Scarborough Grand Hotel said the number of cleaners employed to look after the 600+ rooms is in single digits.

The former employee said the “appalling” condition of most of the rooms in which guests have paid to stay is due to a lack of cleaning staff and pressure on staff.

He said Britannia recently told him his “services were not required” and that he received his last paycheck this week.

He said: “They didn’t give me a reason. They were very limited in contact.”

The man said guests are routinely turned away and prevented from checking in at the hotel if they complain to certain officials.

He said: “We have rules and you’re supposed to treat customers as respectfully as possible, but there are staff members who push customer buttons one way and they obviously will if they’ve paid money. money to reach an absolute shit hole.

“If you look at any of them on the wrong side, they’ll be throwing you in the air in no time.

“Some people have paid over £ 100 for these rooms. It’s a shame.”

Folded furniture blocking emergency exits, former manager said
Folded furniture blocking emergency exits, former manager said

The former worker said the powers that be are aware of regular bad online reviews and complaints, but “there is never a formal investigation.”

He said: “I have seen a lot of bad reviews and most of them are true.

“It’s so awful. As a customer, I would feel so dirty and dangerous to stay there. By working there I could at least keep people safe all night long by maintaining my fire steps. . “

The man said he regularly raises health and safety issues with management, but they regularly fall on deaf ears.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue confirmed it was “aware of a number of complaints and issues relating to fire safety” but that steps are being taken to improve this.

He said: “The number of reports I have made about tampered fire extinguishers. There is no quick response to put health and safety measures in place.

“We have folded beds in front of the fire doors. There are leaks that are not rectified in the roofs and there is water everywhere when it rains in some rooms.

“The metal emergency exit stairs are rotting with seagull shit. God knows what would happen if lots of people had to go out and put their weight on them.”

The manager said most rooms are left in disrepair but still given to guests.
The manager said most rooms are left in disrepair but still given to guests.

He said staff members are brought into the team and not briefed on fire safety procedures in the hotel, leaving some younger staff members “scared” of what might happen if they do. fire emergency.

He explained, “There are people who have never been shown the assembly points, the fire alarm code or anything.

“Sometimes there are three staff left in a hotel with over 600 guests who don’t know what to do in the event of a fire. They don’t have access to computers or fire martial training.

“It’s just a joke.”

The former manager also said that fire alarms are set off regularly in the building, most often by disgruntled customers seeking “revenge” after receiving poor service or messing around children.

“The management just shrugs their shoulders,” he said. “There’s just a lot of stuff they’re sweeping under the rug.

“The firefighters were arriving at least twice a week. I don’t know how any of their (Britannia) hotels stay open.”

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “We are aware of a number of complaints and issues relating to fire safety at the Grand Hotel in Scarborough.

“We work closely with the hotel management and carry out regular inspections, this work has already led to some improvements.”

He said firefighters told the hotel to change their fridges because of “the absolute condition they were in” and because they “were so full you couldn’t move.”

“It’s so frustrating because these bodies come in and give them a deadline to make things right, and then when they do, we go back to square one.

” It’s crazy. Apparently, they were really on top.

He said there was a high turnover of staff at the hotel due to the issues highlighted by customers and the issues described, but also because there was “bullying in different departments”.

He said: “When the leave program ended, they let many staff go, saying” the services were no longer needed. “

“I just think the way they treat their staff is appalling.

“For the most part I think it is all due to mismanagement. It is from the Britannia group.”

He said there had recently been a huge exodus of longtime staff and repeat customers due to the dramatic drop in standards since the hotel reopened for the summer.

He said: “Even repeat customers who have been coming here for years have said it was the worst year they have seen it work.”

When asked why he contacted the press to reveal his experience, he said: “I think opinions should be heard and I wanted people to hear it from a staff member’s perspective.

“I’m really glad I didn’t have to say that I work for The Grand or Britannia anymore because when I did, people were like ‘what are you doing with them?’

“This place is dangerous. Very dangerous. There are old ladies who have panic attacks because of what it is. They just get in their cars and go home.”

Asked what could be done to make a difference, he replied, “They need to improve their professional standards and start treating staff more professionally.

“We admire managers and if they don’t live up to professional standards, then why are staff going to do it? What should they admire? “

“The managers are rude to customers and corners are cut on room cleaning.

“Britannia needs to be shut down because they keep getting away with stuff.”

The Britannia Hotel Group and Scarborough City Council have been contacted for a response.

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