Faulkner leaves PSL after a payline with PCB

James Faulkner left the Pakistan Super League abruptly over a payment dispute, alleging that the PCB failed to honor his contract and instead “kept lying to him”. The PCB, in response, blasted Faulkner’s conduct as “reprehensible”, announcing that the Australian would be banned from future PSL projects, and accused him of misbehaving with immigration authorities and letting go. his side.

Faulkner, who hasn’t played in the last three games for the Quetta Gladiators, was believed to have grown increasingly agitated over the matter and negotiated with the PCB over it. Things got so heated on Friday, however, that he threw his bat and helmet from the lobby balcony onto a hotel chandelier after a discussion with a PCB official before leaving for the airport. He paid the hotel for the damages before he left.

He posted two tweets apologizing to Pakistani cricket fans and calling his treatment by the PCB and PSL a “shame”.

“I apologize to the Pakistani cricket fans. But unfortunately I had to withdraw from the last 2 games and leave @thePSLt20 because @TheRealPCB failed to honor my contract agreement/payments. I have been here throughout and they I kept lying to myself It hurts to leave as I wanted to help bring international cricket back to Pakistan as there is so much young talent and the fans are amazing But the treatment I received was a disgrace to @TheRealPCB and @thePSLt20. I’m sure you all understand my position.”

The PCB issued a joint statement with Quetta Gladiators, calling Faulkner’s allegations baseless and expressing dismay at his “reprehensible behavior”. The statement said Faulkner’s agent sent bank account details to the UK to transfer the fee payments, before sending revised bank account details the following month, this time for a bank account in Australia. By this time, the PCB had already transferred 70% of the money owed to players, including Faulkner. ESPNcricinfo understands that the PCB told Faulkner that the payment could not be reissued to another account until the original payment was reversed.

It is not yet known whether Faulkner will receive the remaining 30%. The PCB thinks Faulkner broke his contract and says that’s a matter they will look into.

“During the seven years of the HBL Pakistan Super League, no player has ever complained about the non-compliance with the contractual obligations of the PCB,” said the PCB. “Although the money was transferred and received in his account, Mr. Faulkner continued to insist that a second duplicate payment of the same amount be made to his account in Australia. This meant that Mr. Faulkner would have been He further threatened and refused to take part in his team’s match against Multan Sultans on Friday afternoon until his demands for the money were met.

“The PCB, as the responsible organization, spoke to Mr. Faulkner early Friday afternoon in an attempt to reason with him. Despite his objectionable and insulting behavior during the conversation, Mr. Faulkner was assured that all his grievances would be addressed, he refused to reconsider his decision to take the field in a crucial game for his team, let his team down and demanded that his travel arrangements be made immediately.

“Prior to his departure on Saturday morning, Mr. Faulkner caused willful damage to hotel property and was therefore required to pay damages to hotel management. The PCB also subsequently received reports and complaints from immigration authorities that Mr. Faulkner had acted improperly and abusively at the airport It was unanimously agreed by the PCB and the franchises that Mr. James Faulkner will not be drafted in the future HBL Pakistan Super League events.

Faulkner has played six PSL games this season, winning six wickets and scoring 49 runs.

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