Fury against foodie travelers who brag about outrageous items they steal from hotel rooms

The TRAVELERS revealed some of the items they stole from hotels they stayed at – but left people furious.

While some items can be taken, such as toiletries and slippers, many items are not meant to be removed from rooms.


Hotel guests revealed how they break rules and steal items when they leaveCredit: Alamy

This includes bathrobes, pillows, and blankets, although some people have revealed how they managed to get by.

One person wrote on Reddit, on a thread called S **** y Pro Life Tips, “Pack an inexpensive pillow when you stay at a fancy hotel.

“Before you go, open the pillow case and swap their premium pillow for your cheap pillow and sleep like a baby at home.”

Some people called it genius advice, although most people were horrified, one person said: “Who wants to bring something from a hotel room with them”.

Another said, “Why are you stealing hotel pillows ?! Just buy yours! NEW and CLEAN. “

Someone else warned, “They don’t change often. So you will definitely take used pillows with you. 9 out of 10 times they contain bodily fluids because the pillow cases don’t really protect them.”

One person who works at a hotel warned, “Any member of our housekeeping staff would be able to spot a fake pillow immediately as it makes hundreds of beds a week and it would feel different.

“We asked people to swap sheets, towels, pillows, bathrobes and even mini bar items. If we ever found someone doing this they would be charged a very high price, hundreds. dollars for a pillow billed on the registered card. “

It’s not just pillows – people also revealed how they got bathrobes and towels.

Another person said: “I have a fairly large collection of beautiful hotel dresses.

“Take one of the bathrobes, put it in your bag. Then call the front desk and state that there was only one robe in your room. Bathrobe no boom.

Someone else revealed, “If the hotel has nice towels, my wife and I usually take two or three at home.”

Customers who are caught, however, are likely to face a huge bill and could even be banned from the hotel.

We have explained what you can and cannot fly the next time you stay in a hotel.

Pillows and bathrobes are big no-nos


Pillows and bathrobes are big no-nosCredit: Alamy
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