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It’s only been a little over a month since This is Sanya started our weekly series on the best place for a foreigner to get their caffeine fix in Haikou. Meanwhile, we’ve covered what must be the cheapest freshly brewed mug you’ll find anywhere in China, an upscale garden cafe, the city’s oldest third wave cafe, their shop. sister city center and a quirky hotel cafe that – behind a facade of fake books and Western food – hides a Specialty Coffee Association barista training school.

Since Hainan Island has a strong coffee culture that existed long before Starbucks or Luckin, there are still plenty of places to cover, each of which is a unique and unique cafe.

Today we will visit the Great Roast Microtorrefaction on the Wuzhishan road.

Sharing their bathrooms with the hotel lobby they are behind, Great Roast manages to outdo last week’s star cafe in both the quality of their coffee and the awkwardness of their bathrooms.

Sometimes the bathrooms at the back of the hotel lobby cafe (which I never saw open) are unlocked and can be used. Still running out of paper, they at least have a sink (with soap no less!)

Lanting, the hotel where Great Roast is located, is one of the many oversized and overly pleasant establishments that seem utterly out of place compared to the general surroundings. Go back 25 years to when Dayingshan was still Haikou Airport and not the name of some roads in a CBD that has an unusually wide, straight, runway-shaped main road, and then it all starts to have one direction.

Assuming you come by taxi, bus, bike, or on foot and don’t park in the rear parking lot, you’ll enter a huge atrium-style lobby and head straight to the back left corner. On your way, you’ll pass a probably closed lobby cafe that’s at least three times the size of Great Roast, but not your destination.

Your destination is the garden space in front of the door next to the elevators where from noon until late provided you start by buying something they will tempt you with free tasting cups of whatever they are currently up to. themselves.

My current favorite here is a drink called Little White (小白) which features frozen cold brew concentrate and a pitcher of sweetened milk.

In terms of flavor, quality, and all of those other metrics it’s not as good as their pourers or espressos, but it’s refreshing unlike anything I’ve had elsewhere and as previously reported. they tend to provide a substantial amount of free tastes for people with a known history of buying take home coffee beans.

If the lobby cafe bathroom isn’t locked I’ll stay at the Great Roast until I start having the caffeine shakes. If it’s locked, I have a good idea of ​​how long it takes to get to the public washroom in People’s Park. Again, if you are so blessed that you can pee while standing, that may not be a problem for you.

The main business of Great Roast is the wholesale of beans to other cafes. If you’ve had Sweet Aroma decaffeinated coffee, you’ve had Great Roast coffee. As a result, this cafe is not at all kind of a hangout for trendy influencers and photographers whose owners want customers to drop by as quickly as possible. Instead, it’s a space that encourages people to stay, talk, and hopefully make purchases that are much larger than a few cups.

Every table, even the outdoor ones, has a power outlet that you can plug your laptop into. The ashtrays of smokers outside are regularly emptied. If you are there in mosquito weather they will light a bug coil for you without being asked. As a result, even with the bathroom crapshoot, this is a great, great place to go.

Great Roast Microtorrefaction

Every day, from noon to late. No.53 Wuzhishan Road, Meilan District.

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A translator living in Hainan for 17 of her 19 years in China, Marian Rosenberg is best known for her annual bicycle trips through rural China. These trips not only allowed her to blog on Cycleblaze (username: brucianna) and help people travel to China during Covid (Cyclist Translator) groups, they also landed her in the travel section of Washington. Post and are the reason she has over 40,000 subscribers on Douyin (我 是 凡 一).

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