Here’s where to stay when visiting Marrakech in 2022

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Although widely considered a luxury tourist destination, Marrakech is one of the most welcoming regions that thrives in the middle of a desert. With over 500 hotels, there is something for everyone. From large families to solo vacations, adventurers are spoiled for choice.

Spending a holiday in the Moroccan desert is such an exciting experience that can only be topped off with an equally charming hotel. Finding a good hotel can be a real headache, especially for first-timers. From high-end to budget options, here’s where to stay when you visit Marrakech in 2022.

Where to stay: Travel agencies know best

The biggest mistake first-time vacationers make is wanting to run the show on their own. Anyone who has excelled in school or been promoted professionally does not make them a master of everything. As simple as it sounds, finding where to stay while visiting Marrakech in 2022 can be a troublesome experience, especially when the services of a travel agency are ignored.

The faces behind these travel agencies are professionals who have been in the game long enough to know which hotel is best for a specific budget. They are also aware of the terrain of Marrakech, so they can provide hassle-free transportation to designated hotels.

Tour operators save time when looking for a place to stay when visiting Marrakech. With them, everything is possible, even with complicated dates. Tour operators anticipate high demand during certain months when they book rooms in advance on behalf of their customers. Trusting them with such logistical arrangements enhances every traveler’s experience in Marrakech.

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Where to stay according to your budget

The vast commune of Marrakech has a wide range of hotels to accommodate people of different social classes. Like everywhere else in the world, Marrakech has ordinary hotels, 3-star hotels, 4-star hotels and 5-star hotels. All these hotels have different rates. The higher the class, the more money charged per night.

Riad Dubai

Located in the heart of the vast canton of Marrakech, Riad Dubaï is beautifully designed to bear its name. Although it has nothing to do with Burj Khalifa, it is still an excellent hotel to consider when vacationing in the Marrakech region. With an integrated safe, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and a massage parlour, this hotel has all the characteristics of a prestigious place to stay.

Villa Makassar

Boasting a heated swimming pool and a SPA, Villa Makassar is one of the few affordable luxury hotels in Marrakech. A heated pool may seem like a misplaced priority until freezing desert temperatures take center stage. Even under the scorching sun, a heated swimming pool provides a deep feeling of self-cleansing, not to mention, it is recommended as a form of therapy. Vacationers are also treated to epic views of the beautiful Marrakesh landscape, courtesy of the hotel’s rooftop terrace.

Riad Sofia

Riad Sofia offers the perfect platform for adventurers to interact with the culture of the immediate north. Although the region is dominated by Islam, there is more to learn from Moroccan culture than religion. Vacationers get a treat of a lifetime at this magnificent hotel. The presence of air travel adds a bit of luxury to a fairly luxurious hotel.

The Pearl Marrakech

What is the definition of a perfect vacation hotel? With swimming pool, Wi-Fi or…? The Pearl Marrakech corresponds to the status of the perfect hotel to book for the holidays, thanks to its strategic location and its state-of-the-art equipment. The Pearl is one of the few hotels in the Marrakech region that allows pets on their premises. Animal lovers will find an easy escape in this hotel. A disco and a live DJ only make the holiday experience that much better.

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Other amazing options

Most regular hotels charge as little as $50 per night for decent rooms with luxury amenities like free Wi-Fi. Such rooms can be easily paid for even by budget vacationers. Some budget hotels in Marrakech include:

  • Ibis Marrakech Center Gare: $50/room/night

  • Toulouse hotel: $30/room/night

  • The Three Palm Trees: $60/room/night

  • Hotel Sherazade: $40/room/night

Cheap doesn’t always mean bad quality. Sometimes, the reduced rates testify to Marrakech’s desire to welcome everyone. With a mere $30 bill, vacationers can easily find good hotel rooms with state-of-the-art amenities and even allow pets, which most high-end hotels don’t tolerate.

The same area that has cheap hotels to house low-income people has high-end hotels specifically designed to match the lifestyles of the filthy rich. These hotels are accessible by air, which is good because the occupants can afford such services. These hotels have riads and suites and offer additional amenities such as barbecue areas and swimming pools. Vacationers should be prepared to spend big on these hotels, however.

  • Four Seasons Resort Marrakech: $600+/room/night

  • The Oberoi, Marrakech: $1200+/room/night

  • La Mamounia Marrakech: $800+/room/night

Spending a vacation in Marrakech goes beyond the vacation itself. Where to stay while on vacation is a matter of individual preference. The contribution of friends should only be advisory and not conclusive. Moreover, entrusting the logistical aspect of the adventure to professionals does the trick.

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