Inside luxury hotels selected by England to serve as Qatar World Cup HQ


See inside luxury hotels England stars could stay at for the Qatar World Cup in 2022 – one is completely alcohol-free and another has 3.5 kilometers of private beaches

The Hilton Salwa Beach Resort

England have selected three luxury hotels for the team’s oasis at the World Cup in Qatar next year.

One of them is just ten miles from the border with Saudi Arabia.

And another is completely dry – there is not a single drop of alcohol in the whole complex.

A Football Association team has already visited Qatar to examine several hotels.

England competes with Belgium for one site and Mexico for another.

Their preselection includes:

  • Hilton Salwa, a superb 7 * hotel.
  • Souq al Wakra from the Tivoli hotel.
  • Seaside resort of Sealine.

It remains unclear whether WAGS would be allowed to stay in the same hotel or be forced to stay in separate accommodation.

The Sealine Resort, Qatar


The Hilton offers the greatest security despite its proximity to the Saudi border.

The Sealine offers the best grounds for training.

And the Wakra souk is the closest to the capital Doha, where almost all the matches of the tournament which will start next November will be played.

David Hancock of Sir Stanley Matthews Travel said: “These are three distinctly different hotels.

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Inside the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort


“The Hilton complex is the furthest from Doha but it is absolutely huge – I think it would be financially impossible for the FA to rent the entire complex for the tournament.

“But he’s so big they could easily create a secure ‘bubble’ in one section and seal the England squad.

“It’s like a small town with its own bars and restaurants.

Inside the souk al Wakra of the Tivoli hotel


“It’s a long, closed beach and the land is in fairly good condition.”

He added: “The Sealine is much closer to Doha.

“It’s a much older hotel – around 25 years old, but that means the terrain is much better.

“England has requested the rental of 37 villas – they all face the land.

“So if the players were assigned these rooms, the players would come straight out of their rooms and go to the training ground.

Views from the souk al Wakra of the Tivoli hotel


“But there is a lot of heavy industry – the gas and oil are running right up the hill and there was a definite smell.

“So there could be a pollution problem.

“Souk al Wakra does not have a swimming pool – it is quite busy and I think security would be a nightmare.

“England checked it out, but I really don’t see them choosing this one – despite being the closest to Doha.

Inside the Sealine Resort


“It is only 15 minutes from the international airport and directly overlooks the beach.

“They might make a change at the 11th hour and choose another hotel, but these are the ones they reviewed.”

An FA team is expected to return next week and a final decision is expected shortly.

Manager Gareth Southgate will have the final say on who gets chosen.

The sea from the Sealine Resort


Hancock added, “There are pros and cons with each one.

“None of them are absolutely ideal.

“Obviously the FA will be concerned with security as the main issue.

“And none of them are cheap.”

There is a scramble between the qualified nations to find the best hotels, as some teams may have to split.

Information sheet

Sealine seaside resort

Rooms: 95.

Choice of restaurant: Reef and Burger.

Serves alcohol: Yes.

Hotel says: “Our accommodation does not have a sea view, it offers a sea experience.”

At the airport: 35 minutes

Captain Harry Kane and manager Gareth Southgate to aim for glory


Action footage via Reuters)

Souk Al Wakra in Tivoli

Rooms: 101

Choice of restaurant: Emshoot

Serves alcohol: No.

Hotel says: “Among the best 5 star hotels in Doha, our 101 key property is made up of ancient heritage houses where the original character has been beautifully preserved.”

At the airport: 15 minutes.

Hilton Salwa Hotel

Rooms: 361

Choice of restaurant: Miss Chinese Wong.

Serves alcohol: Yes.

Hotel says: “On 3.5 kilometers of private beaches and lush gardens, our resort’s vibrant white and blue exteriors blend in with traditional Arabian style. Enjoy free access to Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park, Qatar’s largest water park.

At the airport: An hour and a half.

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