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Why would someone give up their precious home or investment property for rent when they can earn twice as much with Airbnb? Years ago I had to move to Launceston for work, so I rented my house in Hobart. I might as well have handed it over to vandals. I chose my first tenants by mistake because they said they knew a mutual friend, who despaired for me when she found out who the tenants were. My blunder. When I finally got rid of them, the property was in a rotten mess. They had sublet the garage and left traces of drug manufacturing. It cost me thousands to fix it. Goodbye rent. Yes, I got some back from insurance and homeowners insurance, but I was the loser. So I used agents who kept dropping me. They wouldn’t have taken the tenants to court because I guess it would have cost money, and some seemed to side with the tenants in the disputes. Stockholm Syndrome. I had bad agents and very good ones. When I returned to Hobart my wife and I vowed never to use agents again. She was burned twice, once by a lovely old lady who was looking for accommodation, only to find out much later that it was a sting to find accommodation for her thugs who got us into endless trouble. She returned home to Sydney. The most common problem we encountered were tenants who stopped paying rent because they were breaking the lease, forcing us to lower the deposit. The Airbnb industry faces tough regulation, judging by a parliamentary inquiry into housing affordability that recommended a license freeze in areas with high housing demand and a limit on the number of nights a property can stay. be registered for short-term accommodation. The state government is not opposed to these recommendations and why not because it is blaming the government on the middle class fighters who are trying to make money. In the survey report, the housing and rental affordability crisis is attributed to a dramatic increase in tourism, a dramatic acceleration in the population, as well as an increase in the number of UTAS students abroad. and an increase in short-stay accommodation listings. The international student factor has calmed down with the onset of COVID, but is expected to rise again.So, in the crucible of factors affecting the housing affordability market, three of the four factors are linked to government actions. The small Airbnb industry is being whipped so that governments at all levels get away with it. It is clearly evident that just as the state government has been caught off guard by road transport congestion, it is just as caught off guard by the accommodation industry. Airbnb says its market represents more than $ 86 million in customer spending, supports 600 jobs and contributes more than $ 55 million per year to our gross state product, with customer base growing 3% per year. Why wouldn’t I use Airbnb? Good returns, better control over client and owner behavior, as long as you can rate yourself publicly, and I don’t lose control over ownership, which means I can block dates when I want to. ‘use. Rental laws have been changed so tenants have much more power, which is acceptable in terms of privacy and autonomy, but landlords are now crippled by the options they have when it comes to accommodation. dishonest tenants. Let’s face it; Airbnb is a growing industry because it is popular with homeowners and tourists. It is a threat to the hotel and high-rise accommodation industry as they fail to keep up with the growing number of tourists, and some hotels have been sidelined to serve as quarantine centers. On housing affordability and waiting lists, thanks to Senator Jacqui Lambie, the Commonwealth has freed Tasmania from a $ 150 million real estate debt, which I guess would lead to between 500 and 600 new ones. housing. In this year’s budget, the state government says it is spending more than $ 615 million on affordable housing and homelessness, which will create thousands of new homes over the next six years. So there is help on the way, even if this government is doing things at a relaxed pace. To save more time, I’m sure the state government, aided by some advice, will make the Airbnb industry the scapegoat for a first low blow. They will indirectly demonize us as greedy predators of the poor, blaming short-term housing as the bane of housing affordability. A conservative government with supposed laissez-faire values ​​will behave like a creeping socialist government, meddling in the affairs of every middle-class fighter in its sights. It will assume that these victims will always vote Liberals, smile and support him. I am not so sure. When governments break into the market, everyone suffers.



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