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Spontaneous Human Combustion by Richard Thomas

In this new collection, Richard Thomas has crafted fourteen stories that push the boundaries of dark fiction in a heady and piercing blend of fantasy, sci-fi and horror. Equally provocative and profound, each story is masterfully woven with transgressive themes that burrow beneath the skin.

Nine Lives of Peter Swanson

Nine foreigners receive by mail a list with their names. Nothing else, just a list of names on a single sheet of paper. None of the nine people knows or has ever met the others on the list. They reject it as spam, a fluke – until really, really bad things start happening to the people on the list. So why are they all on the list, and who sent it? FBI agent Jessica Winslow, who is on the list herself, is determined to find out.

Even the Dog Knows by Jason F Wright

Meg Gorton finds herself alone and lonely in Florida. Three years earlier, she had packed what she could fit in her sister’s car and asked her husband Gary to look after Moses, their beloved black Labrador. For years she had tried to convince Gary to leave their home in Woodstock, Virginia. But Meg knows that if she wants a fresh start, she’ll have to do it alone. Now, with health issues looming, Meg has a plan to finally bring Gary to Gulf Breeze.

The Ursuline by Brian Freeman

The mythical beast has many names. Big foot. Sasquatch. Yeti. In Black Wolf County, it’s called… the Ursuline. But for deputy Rebecca Colder, the beast is no myth. A serial killer has taken on the monster’s identity – and with every body left behind there’s a chilling message written in blood: I am the Ursuline.


The Chef’s Chef by Mark Meadows

When Mark Meadows became President Trump’s fourth chief of staff on March 6, 2020, life in the United States had never been better. Unemployment was at a historic low and the stock market was at an all-time high. In his first three years in office, President Trump had delivered on more of his campaign promises than any president in modern history, and that record of success would only continue. Then, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, a deadly coronavirus arrived on our shores and brought the Trump economy to a halt.

Allow Me to Retort: ​​A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution by Elie Mystal

Mystal brings her humor, expertise and rhetorical flair to explain concepts such as due process and the right for the LGBTQ community to buy a cake, and to give readers the knowledge to defend themselves against conservatives who want everyone lives under the yoke of the white men of the 18th century.

The Power of Pleasure: How to Feel Alive Again by Catherine Price

Price convincingly argues that our always-on, tech-addicted lifestyles have led us to obsess over intangible concepts such as happiness while obscuring the fact that true happiness lies in the daily experience of pleasure. We often think of pleasure as indulgent, even immature and selfish. We pretend we don’t have time for it, even if we find hours a day gorging on TV, scrolling through the news, or posting photos on social media.

The Emergency: Our History of Addiction by Carl Erik Fisher

Even after a decades-long opioid overdose crisis, intense controversy still rages over the fundamental nature of addiction and the best way to treat it. With uncommon empathy and scholarship, Carl Erik Fisher draws on his own experience as a clinician, researcher and recovering alcoholic to trace the history of a phenomenon that, centuries later, we seem to barely closer to understanding, let alone dealing effectively.


Lonely Planet Kids First Words Series by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet, the award-winning series of travel guides for adults, presents a new language-learning series for the youngest travellers. Each brightly illustrated softcover volume features 100 basic names kids will be familiar with, from ice cream at the airport, apple, dog, yes, no, goodbye and more . Each word appears in English, with the target language below and a pronunciation guide. The opposite page features a whimsical color drawing of the object or concept that will be easy for younger learners to grasp. Add to the fun by scanning the QR code on the back cover to open the free audio pronunciation guide for each word. Available at the library are First Words French; Italian First Words; First Japanese words and First Mandarin words.

Ages: preschool and up

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