London hotel claims to be first all-green hotel

An eco-retreat in London claims to be the first hotel in the world to go entirely green.

At first glance, rooms at room2 Chiswick look like traditional hotel rooms, but a closer look at London’s first ‘hometel’ reveals its planet-saving secrets. “With a specific focus on carbon, room2 Chiswick is the most sustainable hotel in the world,” says Robert Godwin, Managing Director of room2 Chiswick.

Instead of fossil fuels, renewable energy powers the building. There are solar panels on the roof. Geothermal pumps draw heat from deep underground. “It converts 100% of our heating, cooling and hot water needs,” says Godwin.

The showers, which are supposed to use 40% less water, are a customer favourite. “The water pressure and temperature are perfect,” says hotel guest Jared Brown.

Motion sensors save more energy. “When no movement is detected in the room, there is no heating or electricity burned,” says the hotel’s chief financial officer, Stuart Godwin.

Trash is a big word inside the plastic free property. Clean and green is the name of the game. “We will compost the food waste on site and then we can use it for our vegetable garden,” says Stuart Godwin.

Even the rugs are recycled, made from fishing nets salvaged from the ocean. “Like a small initiative that helps reduce plastic pollution and gives it a new useful life,” says Godwin.

All the eco-friendly features keep customers like Jared Brown coming back. “Oh, I really sleep better in an eco-friendly hotel,” he says.

“It’s the future,” says Godwin. The creators hope that hotels around the world will follow their example.

To support biodiversity, some special guests live on the roof of the “hometel”. About 75,000 bees are busy making honey that will eventually be sold to travellers.

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