Men’s heart rate increases more when watching football than during sex, study finds

Men’s heart rate increases more when watching football than having sex, according to a study.

Online research found that men’s heart rates reached 136 beats per minute when watching football, compared to a 2019 Harvard study, which found that “during sex, the heart rate of a man rarely exceeds 130 beats per minute. “.

The study connected 40 men to heart rate monitors as they watched their favorite sports.

Football and American football were the only sports to exceed 130 BPM, with basketball (125) baseball (124), tennis (116), Formula 1 (105), rugby (104) and boxing (101) the only others to get above 100 BPM.

Robert H. Shmerling of Harvard Medical School previously said that heart attacks and strokes can occur due to stress caused by sporting events.

He wrote: “The game itself – especially if it’s close and particularly exciting – can put enough stress on the body for heart attacks, strokes, or other dangerous conditions to develop.”

Meanwhile, a 2017 study found that fans of Montreal Canadiens hockey games experienced a doubling of their heart rate during games.

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This was more for the experience of live games than for matches watched on TV, but the latter also led to faster heart rates.

A survey of Scottish football fans in the 1990s also found that people’s blood pressure and heart rate increased dramatically when they attended matches.

On the flip side, the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that for every 10,000 people who have sex once a week, only two in three will have an additional heart attack.

It indicates that the rates of sudden death during sex are only 0.6% to 1.7%, and that the vast majority (82% to 93%) of these deaths are among men.

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