No Man’s Sky Steam reviews are finally positive, five years later

First released in 2016, No Man’s Sky reached epic proportions ahead of release, and the inevitable disappointment after failing to deliver on its promises has caused a catastrophic downfall for developer Hello Games. But this week, five years later, their continued hard work to catch up has finally paid off. No Man’s Sky is finally “Very Positive” on Steam.

No Man’s Sky Steam Reviews:

The momentous occasion for the game was first reported by NewBlood’s Dave Oshry, and can be seen in the tweet below:

It cements a hell of a comeback for Hello Games, persevering to finally meet (and in some ways even exceed) their original promises. It’s become much more than a solitary space exploration game now.

There have been countless free updates to No Man’s Sky across all platforms, not just Steam, since its initial release. The most recent, Frontiers, allows players to build and manage their own settlements. Players will be able to meet different citizens, help them and decide the course of their future. The No Man’s Sky Frontiers official update Steam page bed :

“Frontiers introduces the concept of large, living and breathing planetary settlements that travelers can meet, interact with, and even be elected overseers. As the leader of your adopted people, Travelers may choose to help or even lead them, securing their future prosperity and happiness, and ultimately developing these fledgling cities into even larger ones.

In addition to the introduction of these settlements, Frontiers brings a major base building overhaul with hundreds of new base parts, advanced building controls, and a new grid menu to help with even more whimsical builds.

What a way to regain the trust of the player base. It has certainly come a long way thanks to the relentless pursuit of its developers to keep going. Plus, few games have garnered player goodwill as much as No Man’s Sky. Other games would launch poorly and be underdelivered. They would stay that way until the ebb and flow of time finally erased them from the discussions and conversations about video games.

Meanwhile, speaking of other games that crashed and fell upon release but ultimately turned the tide and passed their initial doom, Final Fantasy XIV is releasing its new expansion in November. The next FFXIV Live Letter takes place this month, and you can check out the details here.

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