Opened a brewery on the site that had the first Sierra Vista building

SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. (KGUN) — Construction has begun on a new brewery on a site that housed Sierra Vista’s first building. The site housed the first structure ever built outside the gates of Fort Huachuca. It was built in 1905, in the Wild West.

“He originally built it as an 8-room brothel bar and dance hall, so it was really the first thing in our first community,” said Elizabeth Wrozek, curator of the Sierra Vista Museum.

Over the years the building changed hands, becoming a general store and post office in 1917 and a restaurant in 1957. Today much of the town remembers it as Daisy Mae’s Steakhouse .

“Daisy Mae’s opened her restaurant in 1993 and it operated like that for 20 years until it closed for good in 2013,” Wrozek said.

After Daisy Mae closed, the building lost much of its former glory.

“The ground was falling through, the roof looked like it was about to collapse,” Wrozek said.

Ponderosa Hotel Management, the current owners of the site, contacted Matt Brown to breathe new life into the property.

“We looked at Daisy Mae’s house, visited it and determined that the building was not going to work,” said Matt Brown, owner of Tombstone Brewing Company. “But it was a perfect location for a brewery, the views and all. It was too good.”

The Henry F. Hauser Museum in Sierra Vista removed some artifacts, part of the bar, a spittoon, from the building prior to demolition.

Now the plan is to build a third branch of Tombstone Brewing Company on the site.

“The idea of ​​creating a soul for the city and being able to be part of it at ground level is an exciting prospect for us,” Brown said.

Brown is working with the city to incorporate the story into the new building.



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