Parents of Celebrities, Politicians and Bureaucrats Arrested After Hyderabad Police Stop Hotel Drug Deal | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: In a major drug bust in upmarket Banjara Hills, Hyderabad Police raided a star hotel and seized cocaine in the early hours of Sunday. Several prominent figures including Tollywood-linked people, relatives of a politician and a senior IPS officer from Andhra Pradesh.
The raid was carried out at 2:30 a.m. by Hyderabad task force sleuths, where hotel management allegedly allowed nearly 150 guests to party.
Police seized various powdered materials in addition to the spilled alcohol found during the raid.
‘Initially, staff claimed the seized powder was sugar. But we seized the material and it tested positive for cocaine,’ Hyderabad police sources told TOI.
Following this, senior Hyderabad police officers are taking action against the Banjara Hills station officer, as this hotel is 1 km from the police station.
Officials said nearly 150 guests in addition to hotel staff were brought to the Banjara Hills police station.
However, some suspects, including four foreign nationals, have been kept in custody and an investigation is ongoing.
“Since last month, we have had reports that a large number of vehicles were frequently found at the star hotel late at night. Based on this information, the police worked the tracks and they conducted a raided and seized drugs,” a reliable source said. sources told TOI.
The daughter of a serving Andhra Pradesh IPS officer, niece of a very popular veteran Tollywood actor, a Tollywood singer, son of a businessman turned PA politician, were some -some of the 150 people who were found partying late at night at this hotel.
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