PC claims she was ‘brainwashed’ in sex games while on duty with married sergeant

PC Jemma Dicks, 28, admitted she was “flattered by the attention” of rugged Sergeant Adam Reed, 40, but told a disciplinary hearing that she regretted what had happened at Cardiff Central main station.

PC Jemma Dicks confessed it was a “massive mistake”

A police officer claims she was “brainwashed” in sex games while on duty with a married sergeant – including having sex at their post.

PC Jemma Dicks, 28, said in a disciplinary hearing that oral sex with Sergeant Adam Reed, 40, was not forced but “what he wanted was clear.”

She said she takes full responsibility for her actions and regrets what happened as she fights to save her career.

PC Dicks admitted she was “flattered by the attention” of Sergeant Reed when she began working under him on patrols, which led to a ten-month affair.

But she said the execution of such acts was a “massive mistake” when they were discovered.

Reed has since quit the force after admitting a foot fetish and station sex.

Former Police Sergeant Adam Reed



PC Dicks said in a disciplinary hearing, “I was brainwashed by everything he said to me. I was head over heels in love with him.

“Oral sex wasn’t forced but it was clear what he wanted. He pushed me down to show me what he wanted and I obeyed what he asked.

“I take full responsibility. It was a huge mistake and I really regret what happened.”

PC Dicks first had sex with Reed at his family home in Cardiff while his wife Alexandra, 45, was away.

But he then allegedly demanded oral sex at Cardiff Central main station, including in the force’s private bar and kitchen.

PC Dicks had sex with Reed for the first time in his family home



PC Dicks said: “Reed convinced me he was vulnerable. He told me he was vulnerable but no one would see him that way because he was a man and he was a sergeant.”

The audience heard that Reed took a picture of PC Dicks giving a blowjob on her cell phone – but denied knowing it.

She said: “Reed uploaded a photo to Whats App. All I remember seeing was a penis in the bottom corner.

“It wasn’t something I wanted to receive, so I deleted it.

“In his texts he joked that he took a picture. He had a pretty twisted sense of humor, so I just thought he was joking.”

Reed left the South Wales force



Breaking down in tears, PC Dicks said, “I just want to express how much I regret what I did.”

Presenting Officer Barney Branston has said that PC Dicks “portrays Reed as a bogeyman, the big bad wolf” – and that she is the “innocent victim”.

But he said: “The text messages exchanged were affectionate jokes between two adults. You didn’t end them.”

The misconduct hearing was told that PC Dicks confessed to the sex acts at “various places and dates” during the ten-month relationship.

PC Dicks confessed to senior officers the “multiple opportunities” for oral sex while working together.

But Reed – who has since left the South Wales force – told his wife it only happened once while the couple were working together.

PC Dicks is now fighting to save his career by claiming that their sex games are not a termination offense.

Audience learned it was PC Dicks’ dream job



She recounted how the couple started an affair after kissing outside of a nightclub, then having sex at their home before turning to oral sex in their police station.

The hearing heard that PC Dicks had completed several years of training for his dream job and applied to join the South Wales Police in May 2015 on his father’s advice.

The two policemen then started having sex from November of the same year for ten months, until the end.

Their case came to light after Sergeant Reed was accused of taking sneaky photos of the feet of another female officer with PC Dicks in her post sergeant’s office.

Sgt Reed was challenged to take the secret photos of the feet without consent – and later admitted to having a ‘foot fetish’.

Cardiff Central Police Station (file photo)



The two are now facing a disciplinary hearing with senior South Wales force for “dishonorable conduct” for their sexual games at Cardiff Central’s main police station.

PC Dicks argued that his misconduct was only misconduct – and not serious for a termination violation.

The disciplinary charge reads: “It is alleged that PC Jemma Dicks violated professional standards of conduct relating to duties and responsibilities and improper conduct and such violations constitute serious misconduct.

“It is alleged that on various dates between November 2017 and August 2018, PC Dicks performed oral sex on PS Adam Reed at various locations at Cardiff Central Police Station.”

Sergeant Reed is charged with three counts of improper conduct, including when another policewoman was to take a statement from PC Dicks in her office.

The prosecution reads: “As this officer sat in his office discussing this matter, he used his cell phone to take a number of photographs of his feet.

“He did it secretly and without her consent. He has since revealed that he did it because he has a foot fetish.”

Reed is also accused of having oral sex with PC Dicks at the train station and – in the middle of their affair in May 2018 – of having sex with another unnamed PCSO member while he was on duty. service to Cardiff Central.

The South Wales Police disciplinary hearing in Pencoed, near Bridgend, continues.

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