Photos show how a woman transformed a $21,000 van into a chic oasis

There were certain features that Hall prioritized, such as in his bathroom.

She knew she wanted an indoor shower and toilet.

Courtesy of Sarah Hall

“I knew I wanted a permanent shower, that’s for sure!” Hall told Insider. “Some vans have pop-up showers, outdoor showers and all sorts of creative ways to bathe, but I knew I wanted a permanent built-in shower.”

She bought a self-drying, self-cleaning shower door that retracts into a vertical box, making it look like a pocket door. Hall said there was a full-height squeegee that removed water when it retracted to limit mold growth.

She felt the same way about the toilet, saying she “didn’t want to get a plastic toilet out of under my kitchen sink.”

Hall told Insider that she installed a C-Head Composting Toilet, which uses a fibrous medium like coconut husks or sawdust to mask the smell of solid waste. Liquids are usually separated in a bottle or jug, but Hall modified the system to drain directly into the waste water tank she installed in the bottom of her van.

“There it is mixed with all the water used for the shower and the sink,” she said. “Liquid waste is basically sterile, and when diluted, it actually makes great fertilizer! So you can empty the tank just about anywhere responsibly, as long as you use biodegradable soaps and shampoos. .”

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