Stern’s New Restaurant Reviews Will Take Aiken Standard Readers On Culinary Adventures

October 2 — Looking for a new place to eat after you’ve tired of old favorites?

Want to know where to find the tastiest barbecue, the most delicious hot dogs or the most delicious chili?

Are you looking for a place to enjoy an exquisite meal on a special occasion?

Read the Aiken Standard, which is set to offer its subscribers the chance to explore the local restaurant scene with an expert guide.

And he is eager to share his knowledge.

Starting Wednesday, the newspaper will publish weekly “Taste of the Town” reviews by Roadfood co-founder Michael Stern in the Living on the Go section.

They will also be available for viewing at

“I love the restaurants around here,” said Stern, who has lived in Aiken since 2015. “I love going there and I love writing about them.”

With his ex-wife Jane Stern, he created the “Roadfood” guide which debuted in the 1970s.

For hungry travelers looking for memorable and affordable meals, it has become a popular resource with a total of 10 editions published.

The Sterns teamed up with Stephen Rushmore to launch the online version,, In 2000.

Fexy Media subsequently acquired the website, but Michael Stern continues to provide it with content.

Most recently, he was a consultant for an upcoming Roadfood-inspired TV show on PBS.

“I kind of got them going and gave them a lot of information,” Stern said. “Periodically they call me up and say something like ‘We’re in Houston. Where should we eat? Where should we go?’”

For the Aiken Standard, Stern plans to visit and write about all types of restaurants.

“There will be food, there will be holes in the wall and maybe even a food truck if it’s parked somewhere relatively permanently,” he said. “I think one of the fun things to eat out is the variety.”

Stern’s reviews will focus on the positive.

“What I’ve done for most of my career as a food writer is find places that I love and recommend them, and that’s pretty much what I’m going to do in Aiken. Standard, ”he said. “I don’t feel like it’s my job to go to a restaurant and give it zero stars and moan and moan and complain about bad service. It’s a lot more fun to be. excited about a place and telling everyone why I love it and why they should like it. “

In addition to showcasing the restaurants he adores, Stern will write about some that he has mixed feelings about because they have a particular dish that “you just have to have,” he said.

And also, eventually, Stern will venture outside of Aiken County.

“I’m going to go to Edgefield County and maybe even Saluda County,” he said. “I think it would make sense to go to Augusta sometimes because a lot of Aiken people go there to eat or work there. I think Augusta is opening up a whole new world of restaurants to review.”

Stern’s commentary will include photos of the dishes served at the restaurants where he dines.

“We are more than happy to have someone with Michael’s expertise and food knowledge to write restaurant reviews for us,” said John Boyette, Editor-in-Chief of Aiken Standard. “We hope our readers enjoy this new feature, and we welcome their suggestions on different places to review.”

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