Sunbed war escalates as staff pull towels from poolside beds at Tenerife’s top hotel

It’s a long-standing joke that has annoyed many vacationers for years – the sun lounger race by the pool. But now a hotel appears to have taken action against people who secure their prime location, but then leave it empty all day.

Staff at a five-star hotel in Tenerife were seen picking up towels and belongings from empty beds. They then left notes explaining where people could pick up their items.

In scenes filmed by a holidaymaker, workers were recorded walking around laden with towels and other belongings. And the move of the Hotel Gran Costa Adeje to the south of Tenerife seems to have met with the approval of many other clients.

Holidaymaker Amanda Proctor filmed staff removing towels and bags before leaving notes explaining where they could be collected. She said there was a sign at the hotel telling holidaymakers they couldn’t reserve sunbeds until 10am, reports The Mirror.

In the footage, a hotel staff member can be seen with more than 10 towels over his shoulder. A hotel guest appears to be rushing towards staff members asking them to leave his towel on the lounger while it is removed.

But welcoming the move, one user commented: ‘It’s the ones booking by the pool who don’t show up until 4pm.’ Proctor replied, “Exactly. I was laying there thinking…go on! They took their bags, their towels and everything left a note on the lounge chair to congregate.”

She said it was ‘absolutely hilarious’ to see people coming back to find their towels removed from the lounge chairs. She said many of those affected did not return until mid-afternoon.

Another user urged more hotels to adopt the policy, making competition for sun loungers determined by who arrives first. A TikTok commenter said he visited a hotel where lounge chair reservations were tied to rooms, meaning there was no need to compete with other guests.

The long-running tanning bed wars were highlighted last week when another TikTok user captured the bizarre habit on camera and shared the footage online. Social media user Julie Marie Larsson captioned the video: “Holidays in Spain. Tanning bed wars at 6am.

In the clip, a hotel pool could be seen covered in dozens of lounge chairs. Guests in shorts and t-shirts could be seen sprinting onto the terrace to place their towels on their favorite beds. With a catchy tune in the background, people descended the steps to throw their beach towels on the seats closest to the pool or bar.

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