The Best Horror Movies Of 2022 So Far According To Rotten Tomatoes – Did They Get It Right?

In seventh place with a 74% approval rating is Mariama Diallo’s examination of systemic racism in academia, the chilling “Master”. In it, Regina Hall plays a professor at a prestigious Ivy League university who finds constant evidence that this school has never shaken off much of its racist Civil War-era iconography. His story parallels that of a young college student who moves into a dorm notorious for a suicide that happened there years before. Whether or not something supernatural happens is secondary to the condescending way the two main characters are treated by the predominantly white campus. It’s barely nuanced, but “Master” has a point to make.

Only the top seven films on Rotten Tomatoes have been certified fresh, which means that at least five designated top critics have reviewed the films in question, and they each hold a rating of 75% or higher.

As such, Peter Brunner’s scary German film ‘Luzifer’, with a 100% approval rating, is technically eighth on this list with just six reviews overall (compared to ‘Scream’, which had 280). ). “Luzifer,” produced by filmmaker Ulrich Seidl, is about a lonely mother and son (and a pet eagle) who live in a remote cabin in the mountains. When a local tourist development takes hold, it not only threatens their romance, but can also unwittingly release Satan from hell.

With an approval rating of 74%, Irish werewolf film ‘The Cursed’, a beautifully photographed film about a group of European colonialists infected with a werewolf virus after ransacking and murdering an entire Roma village . You’ve probably never seen a werewolf quite like the one in “The Cursed,” and there are several spooky scenes in which the monster lurks in the mist, just out of sight of its victim.

In Damien Power’s “No Exit” – not based on the Jean-Paul Sartre play – a young woman (Havana Rose Liu) flees rehab to join her disapproving family when her mother is rushed to the hospital. hospital. Stranded at a snowy rest stop – with no way to keep in touch with the outside world – she discovers that another of the travelers she shares space with has kidnapped someone. She must determine who it is without arousing suspicion. The smolder burns out fairly quickly, but the setup is solid. He only has a 56% approval rating.

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