The TAA-AA merger is expected to be finalized by the end of the year

Leading bodies in Australia’s tourism and accommodation industry, the Accommodation Association and Tourism Accommodation Australia, are moving closer to a merger, after an informal meeting in Sydney this week.

Board representatives from each group met in Sydney to discuss the merger, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Tourism Accommodation Australia chairman Martin Ferguson AM called the meeting a significant milestone in what he said was “a year of many firsts” for the two associations.

“We’re all perfectly clear in our goal,” Ferguson said.

“Everything we do must be available to our current and potential members as we continue to recover from two of the toughest years our industry has ever seen.”

Associations work through many mandatory steps in the merger process, including the preparation of new rules, the merger plan and member voting, and work closely together at the council, board of directors and team to leverage existing resources.

“By combining the power and resources of both organizations, we want to continue to grow the impact of our unified national voice while amplifying the benefits for members at all levels,” said Accommodation Association President Leanne Harwood.

“We need all members to be involved in this process so that you understand what is being proposed and that when it comes time to vote, you understand why we think it makes sense. We need your support through your continued membership and advocacy to convince non-members to join us as we build an even stronger industry body to drive better results for your business.

The two associations have already held a number of joint events and pooled resources such as the Housing Association’s comprehensive employment program resources on the Hub and the National Industrial Relations Team of the TAA.

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