These are the 8 cheapest Caribbean islands to fly this summer

The Caribbean islands provide the perfect setting for a relaxing gateway that allows vacationers to rejuvenate in beautiful surroundings characterized by decent palm trees and dazzling sunsets. They are a respite from the stresses of everyday life.

The white sand beaches of the Caribbean accompanied by cool breezes trigger the brain to release feel-good hormones. But flying to the Caribbean comes at a price. With the right planning, the Caribbean islands are some of the best getaways in the world to explore on a budget. These are the 8 cheapest Caribbean islands to fly to this summer.

Porto Rico

Puerto Rico tops the list of the cheapest Caribbean islands to visit this summer. Technically a three-hour drive from Miami, this island offers the perfect getaway for vacationers fleeing harsh winter conditions. Being a tropical region, the climatic conditions are favorable for a full day vacation experience. Puerto Rico has some of the most classic beaches and the best part of it all is that quite a few are free to the public.

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Negril is a small town occupying most of the west coast of Jamaica. Compared to Montego, Negril feels underdeveloped, but that doesn’t take away from it as a cheap tourist getaway. On the contrary, its underdeveloped state makes it cheap for everyone. Small as it is, Negril is a hive of activity with most of the population living within seven kilometers of shore. Here, tourists are spoiled for choice as luxury hotels and restaurants line the coastline. Vacationers interested in cliff diving are sure to have a great time here.


As the trade winds sweep across the island of Aruba, the tropical air is chilled, providing a cool breeze perfect for beach activities. Aruba is popular for its favorable year-round climate, which makes it a hotbed for tourist activities. More than twenty percent of the island is isolated in Arikok National Park, which is another reason vacationers frequent here. See local desert species struggling to thrive in tiny rocky spaces. The hotels on this island incorporate a mix of cultures resulting in the perfect place for an intercultural holiday.

Puerto Plata

Located in the northern part of the coast of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata is a popular place for budget adventurers. The high costs of vacationing in some islands are associated with resorts and this is an area that Puerta Plata has managed diligently. This island has a cluster of some of the most affordable hostels that have consistent rates for everyone. The long beaches of Puerto Plata offer tourists a wide area to explore. Plus, it’s uncrowded, giving vacationers a personal space to relax and enjoy the cool ocean breeze.

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Saint Kitts and Nevis

Adventurers looking for inexpensive Caribbean getaways away from America find a good one on the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. The extended distance can be exciting as it gives adventurers more room to explore whether they are flying or cruising. These islands have a rich history that every vacationer should experience first hand. The lush rainforest of these islands offers vacationers a coveted hiking experience while sipping cocktails.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is not what people have been led to think. Celebrities have overrated this island as it scares away budget vacationers. Truth be told, the Bahamas is a good affordable getaway, even for low-income people. The Bahamas is a busy route, which means that finding a cheap flight from the East Coast will not be the most difficult thing, even for beginners. This island is known for having some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cheap ones. In fact, there are more budget hotels in the Bahamas than luxury hotels. Booking more than three nights at any of the resorts results in reduced prices.


Caribbean vacations extend to a wide range of activities. Enjoying the heated white sand, swimming or diving in the cliffs, adventurers have plenty to do. The island of Curacao takes a step forward by offering the rare opportunity to interact with marine wildlife. Being an aquatic paradise, vacationers are strongly encouraged to partake in scuba diving. The warm waters of the island of Curaçao create the perfect atmosphere for an adventurous underwater excursion. Those who dare not dive in the protected coral reefs have much more to enjoy from the surface. The island has a bewildering flora and fauna, most of which are unique to it.


Popularly described as the ideal blend of land and sea, there’s no way Saint Lucia is missing out on the list of the cheapest Caribbean islands to fly to this summer. This island is located a little far from the United States, but the distance does not make it a lesser option for a vacationer on a tight budget. Saint Lucia has outstanding sand sanctuaries which constitute the main tourist attraction of its territory. The reasonably priced restaurants around Saint Lucia make it one of the busiest Caribbean islands.

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